Tuesday, August 26, 2014

✿ Meowkachu

Good morning! or good afternoon depending where you are~ o ^ - ^ o

Here I'm wearing Krankhous' hoodie thats available at just  25 L on mp, for kemono mesh avatars! The cute texture for this hoodie can be found in my shop too!( [.:: AyA ::.] ) also for just 25 L.  It also seemed like a nice day to prepare a bento, so here I have this neko bento by [.LAYOVER.] that also happens to come in a backpack version too! ( the cat kinda reminded me of Meowth from pokemon hehe).  And If you want to dye or style your hair like mine then you should hop over to LCKY at the District 5! You can locate LCKY's salon in the scene section of this huge event :3!

Thank-you for viewing!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆
  • Socks ❀ .::DMD::.  :: High MESH Ruffled Stockings Flat Foot
  • Ears ❀ .tsg. :: Neko Cosplay Ears Headband - Black ( 75 L gacha)
  • Anklets ❀ Blah. :: (My Pearly Doll Anklet) White
  • Hoodie ❀ krankhaus :: Kemono Baggy Hoodie - White ( 25 L )
  • Food/Bento ❀ [.LAYOVER.] :: Meow Bento Box [Yellow]
  • Glasses ❀ LCKY :: Peeks Glasses // dots ( 5 L )
  • Thigh Bow ❀ [Nekotron] :: Cute Bow Right (Kemono/Stockings) ( 75 L  )

Sunday, August 24, 2014

☆ Warm Days

 HelloOoOo~ Everybody!  
First off, apologies for the lack of posts lately. I've just been a bit stressed honestly with the RL (you know how that is >.<) and with that stress, a lack of my usual blogging creativity and passion, but no worries I'm still alive, and that's all that counts! So, today I'm in a male avatar as you can see, and wearing [MotiAme] 's yukata for men thats available at the Kagami event among many others
[I really advise you all to visit there if you havent already. It's a interactive story game that you can participate in solo or with friends and very well organized! The game can be played in japanese or english too~ ]
Remember this event ends on the 31st , so go enjoy yourselves!

Also, I'm wearing LCKY's cool and pretty unisex hairstyle for the femboy hunt! Which also ends on the 31st of August aswell!

Thank-you for viewing!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆
  • HairBase ☆ ILLMATIC :: Smoothed Baby Hairs
  • Earring ☆ ::GB:: Achilleus pierce
  • Geta/Sandals ☆ KRD :: - Zato - Dark Wood Geta ( 1 L )
  • Lip Piercing ☆ [ni.Ju] :: Snake Bites - Simple V2
  • Eyes ☆ [mon ami] :: zanith eyes gray

Monday, August 4, 2014

[.:: AyA ::.] Sailor Moon Mods! ♡

Hi, everyone!  I have a few mods for you guyyysss!~
Sailor Moon mods!! yaaay~ ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ
Great for SL cosplay and comes in many of the sailors outfits down to Sailor Pluto!

Included inside are 20 textures.

~☾~ 10 Textures with pantsu/panties
~☾~ 10 Textures without pantsu/panties \o/!
So you have choice to wear with or without underneath :3

Tip:: These mods look best in light wind-light setting w/o atmospheric shaders.
You can get yours here! ~~> [.:: AyA :;.] Sailor Moon Mods
I really hope you all enjoy! ♡♡♡

I had a lot of trouble at first trying to get the mesh suit itself to a solid color for my mods to work, but finally I found out on my own how to. Not sure if its how everyone else does it but, hey..it worked.(but if that's not how you do it, please show me your ways senpai!~)

Thank-you to those who tried helping out too ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Please read the instructional NC included if you buy! (>д<)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

✿ Mononoke Hime

( More Pictures Below Credits & Original Character Images)

Hey Everyone!
 So today I've gone with a character inspired by the fantasy-adventure anime/film Princess Mononoke!  Although everything may not be identical to the main character, I tried my best to represent it all well ^ - ^ 
Inspiration for this post is from [geek.]'s awesomely made mask and hood featured in the Manga fair.Finding the earrings and necklace proved to be harder than I expected so I just went ahead and attempted making them myself. I bought the claws untextured on MP by s.n.design.
Also, check out my amazing wolves! they are beautifully textured and comes in a attach-to-avatar version. (dont forget to add the tail-which moves!) you can find them in store of + Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful +  or on their marketplace~
Keep scrolling for 'Anime Time' Pictures! and the rest of my blog pics :3

Thank-you for viewing!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆
  • Face Tattoo ❀ ::CK:: :: Mononoke face tattoo ( 50 L )
  • Dress ❀ !Soul ~  :: 2Mesh  Dresses~ ( 0 L )
  • Hair ❀ Dura :: *Dura-Girl*37(Coffee)
  • Wolf ❀ {aii} :: + Rideable Demon Wolf + Shiro Sun
  • Earrings ❀ Mononoke earring(I poorly made them, so not for sale)
  • Mesh Hands (left) ❀  Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat - L
  • Mesh Hand (right) ❀  Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands Bag - R
  • Back Spear  ❀ [AAA] :: Spear Thing ( 10 L )
  • Hood ❀ [geek.] :: Wolf Princess Hood - Cream- @Manga Fair
  • Necklace ❀ Mononoke Necklace (I poorly made it, so not for sale)

  • Spear 2 & Pose ❀ *FN* :: Panther Girl Pose + Spear ( 50 L )

  • Wolves ❀ {aii} :: + Rideable Demon Wolf + Shiro
  • Skybox  ❀ SW :: Virgin Forest in a Box - PROMOTION - Urwald Skybox ( 1 L )
  • SunBeam ❀ Capriccio ::  "Komorebi" garden tree sunshine ( 10 L )
  • Spirits ❀ SyScripts :: A Kodama ( 30 L )

Anime Time!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

✿ Snuggle Buddies

(More pictures Below credits!)

Hello Everybody!~ 

My bedside seems to be a bit crowded today, huh. Haha, looks like my dakimakura have taken over! They are all so cool! These awesome body pillows are by [KRC] in Manga fair which ends very very soon, so if you havent been to pick yours up, you'd better to hurry >o<! ! There are alot more than what I have set here ("more?! no way."..but yes way! :3 ) . Hopefully you will win one of your favorite anime/manga character!  These pillows also come with a holding pose if you wish to attach it to your avatar.

Also for you late night naughties, there's even a hmm..."adult" side to the pillows if you turn it over *wink wink*. Which I havent really shown in my pictures here because I like to keep it PG (hehe). Although some are um, less adult? than others when you turn them on the other side (xD)  

(you can find me snuggling with my pillows in the pictures below~)

Oh, did you notice my giraffe plushie on the left side there peeking out? Haha somehow it seemed to sneek into the picture. Silly giraffe >w<! These cute,colored giraffes are also available at Manga fair in gacha from the store Forever Young, and there are many colors to win!

& hey! don't you just love my braided pig tails? >w<! I do too!  One of my favorite hair salons are participating in the ROMP event, can you guess which?! haha ofcourse, it's LCKY! That's right, you can find this hairstyle that can pass for super cute or (kinky) at the Romp event, so grab your purses and get there :3!

 Thank-you for viewing!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆
  • Ears ❀ .a. :: Ears - Wolf Cute /Light/
  • Headband ❀ 2PM. :: Need me band / baby pink
  • Mesh Body ❀ WowMeh :: 3 - Body - InSize
  • Socks ❀ Static :: Bow Sock L- (Pink) & Bow Sock R (white) (gacha) @Manga Fair
  • Mesh Hands ❀  Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat -
  • Mesh Feet ❀ Slink ::  Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS - High
  • Shorts ❀ [::WAPPEN::] :: Summer Shorts  (heart pattern sky) (gacha){RARE} @tov
  • Japanese Characters ❀ Mad Echo ::  Manga Expressions - Sugoi! @Manga Fair
  • Giraffe Plushie ❀ :FY: :: Cutie Patootie Giraffes (gacha) @Manga Fair
  • Dakimakura/Body Pillows  ❀ [KRC] :: Body Pillow (gacha) @Manga Fair

  • Bed ❀ Scarlet Creative :: The Arcade Carriage Day Bed (past Arcade Gacha)