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Hey Everyone!~ Here's more items from The Funny Puppet Fair for you to check out! The outfit I'm wearing is by [KRC] and it's an exclusive for FPF. Also check out my many accessories! >w< These cellphones by Spoiled/Rotten were so cute I just had to wear them \o/! So were these super cute, bear bags from Casual Lies. And whats a cute outfit without heels? The heels I'm wearing on the blue outfit are by [ef]Eskimo Fashion!~ They are very nicely made and comes with a color option hud, so go check them out :3 On the right, in the yellow outfit I'm wearing super cute wedges by Blah. If you like my hair you can get it from +Spellbound+.  For the left hairstyle I just added bangs from Chemistry's Hair~ \o/.

Oh? Are you wondering what in the world are those cute creatures on my head? :3 hehe, well they're little colorful chickies! \o/ and you can find them at the Funny Puppet Fair by *NAMINOKE*. My fun, wacky makeup blush and lipstick can also be found at FPF from .Oh!Liv..  . Oh and we can't forget about my silly ,monkey & banana earrings and mouth chain! These two fun jewelry pieces are by !NFINITY and also available at FPF. The Mouth chain is an exclusive and you can find the earrings in the hunt! 

Lastly, but not least have you seen the cute props? Do you see them? Haha, ofcourse you do, there's no way to miss that cute, giant star and adorable peachy fruit buddies!~ This very cute star is by Eternal Dream and it comes with 5 cute sitting poses, you can also change the color and texture of the star with the Hud that comes with it! My peach fruit buddies are from  .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. and they are available for rezzing as simply decoration, or have them as your minions following you around and even available as a mouth accessory.
Don't forget to stop by soon because the fair ends on the 25th~ So grab these exclusives and fun products quickly!

Quick Notes::

Hunt Item ~> (Hunt)
Gacha Item ~> (Gacha)
Exclusive Item ~> (Excl) 

Left - Yellow

☆  Makeups/Face ☆
  • Hairbase ❀ ILLMATIC :: Smoothed Baby Hairs
  • Eyeshadow ❀  .tsg. :: Doki Doki Eyeshadow - Red
  • Eyes ❀ Chus! :: Puppet Lens in Ghost @FPF
☆  Accessories ☆
  • Cellphones ❀ !S/R! :: Geisha Yellow Puppet Phone @FPF
  • Head Accessory 1 ❀ *N*PIYO(RED) @FPF
  • Head Accessory 2 ❀ *N*PIYO(YLW) @FPF
  • Bag/Purse ❀ Casual Lies :: Funny Bear #4 Puppet Bag 2 @FPF
  • Glasses ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii Yellow Glasses @FPF
 ☆ Body ☆
  • Mesh Hands ❀ Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 -
  • Mesh Feet ❀ Slink :: Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High
☆ Outfit ☆
  • Top ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii Collar Bra @FPF
  • Gloves ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii Fingerless Gloves @FPF
  • Skirt ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii Mesh Ruffle Mini Skirt @FPF
  • Heels ❀ Blah. :: (My Extreme Wooden Wedge) Yellow

Right - Blue

☆ Makeups/Face ☆
  • Makeup ❀ .Oh!Liv. :: Makeup *Puppet*  Aqua @FPF
  • Eyeshadow ❀ .tsg. :: Doki Doki Eyeshadow - Blue (gacha)
  • Eyes ❀ Chus! :: Puppet Lens in Ice @FPF

☆ Accessories ☆
  • Mouth Chain ❀ !NFINITY :: Gone Bananas Mouth Chain (Excl) @FPF
  • Earrings ❀ !NFINITY :: Spanky the Monkey Earring (gacha) @FPF
  • Cell Phone ❀ S/R! :: Chic Puppet Phone @FPF
  • Anklets ❀ *PerveTTe* :: Anklet [Crown] [d] @FPF
  • Glasses ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii blue Glasses @FPF

☆ Body ☆
  • Mesh Hands ❀ Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 -
  • Mesh Feet ❀ Slink :: Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - High

☆ Outfit ☆
  • Top ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii Collar Bra (Excl)   @FPF
  • Gloves ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii Fingerless Gloves  (Excl) @FPF
  • Skirt ❀ [KRC] :: Kawaii Mesh Ruffle Mini Skirt (Excl) @FPF
☆ Props ☆
  • Cute Giant Fruit ❀ .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. ::{Lovely Sumomos~ seasalt}  @FPF
  • Giant Star ❀ *ED* :: Twinkle Little Star @FPF
Thank-you for reading!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

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