✿ Walking On Edge

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Hey Everyone, 
Today I'm embracing a little more of my rokku gyaru side with this super cool outfit by Bubblez Style. I also felt like being a bit edgy~ I love everything about this store and especially this outfit. I'm completely satisfied with all of the texture detail in this jacket and shirt.  
I'm also wearing a really awesome unisex necklace by Bubblez aswell. I've always loved this store and their designs,so you should definitely check it out!~

To help my rocker-rebel look I figured that .ploom.'s latest hairstyle in OMgacha event would be perfect to help me feel a bit more edgy! Oh and cant forget about my amazing boots by * .:: deeR ::. * and cool (and cheap!) accessories I picked up from marketplace. My dragon earcuff is by -CPRX- and my cool drop skull earrings are from Allure Mirror. Last but not least I picked up this handcuff from POMPOSITY. It comes in an open and closed version. Ofcourse, I wore the open version because I'm a little slippery rebel. (○ゝ∀・○)
 And what's a cool rocker without her rockin' car to pose infront of?(haha) This vehicle is another great design by C a r o X. No, unfortunately it doesn't have any animations as it is just a prop but it's good for design on your sim or for your pictures! So for all you classical edgy, punks/rockers, don't forget to drop by and pick it up! 

Thank-you for reading!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

  • Pasties ❀ Cain :: - Black - Tape Cross Nipples - Layer 2 ( 0 L )
  • Net Stockings ❀ [AdN] :: EXPOSED Fishnet (in outfit)
  • EyeShadow ❀ MONS ::  Makeups - Eyeshadow Pastel Dreams - cotton
  • Hairbase ❀ .ploom. :: Hairbase - Red 14
  • Lipstick ❀  [Buzz] ::  Gem Lips 2.0 - Ruby
  • Cuff Earring ❀ -CPRX- :: Dragon Earrings ( 2L )
  • HandCuff ❀ POMPOSITY :: Handcuff Bracelet (OPEN) -
  • Mesh Hands ❀ Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat -

☆  Props

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