✿ Dance With Her Demon

  (More pictures below credits!~)
Hey everyone, I'm back with another post for you guys! So I went to The Arcade Gacha Event and my wallet sure did shed a tear with all the cute things there this round, but it's all juuust fine since I got some really cute things and even some Rares on my first try! > w < Upon these things I got one of the rare ballerina outfits by ::{u.f.o}::. I was hoping for the black but the beige was still equally lovely!~ I also gave .tsg.'s gacha a try (quite a few times @~@)! Their keitai's are very nicely made and even comes with a typing animation and HUD to change the screen design and color of the bear and bow accessory! The one i'm wearing in the picture is actually a gift from a good friend of mine (Thanks Choi!), since I was really hoping for a flip-phone version and I think SL ate the first one I got D:??? 

So anyways! As I was trying out my new tutu, I really had a urge for a darker theme instead of the classical, bright lights and peaceful theme~ What better way to set off my dark attempt than equipping Remarkable Oblivion's nicely detailed horns! Available in their store & also at The Dark Style Fair ,but HURRY! if you want them or to check out the rest of their things/exclusives in the dark fair because it ends tomorrow! ! ! Oh and these really cool tentacle type (?) accessories helped me achieve the battling demon look aswell! You can find them at The Fantasy Room from ::Axix:: !

Also, if you like the furniture here, please do not forget to check out Fit For A Princess this round to get a hold of these cool chandeliers and lovely chair which comes with multiple sits and poses!
Ahh, So after all the dancing with my demon, I thought I'd put my new cellphone to use and take a selca, to lighten the mood~ My demon obviously didn't show~  hehe!

        Thank-you so much for reading!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

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