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Hi everyone,
Today's outfit is by [ abrasive ], featured at The Thrift Store this round! It comes with a HUD for you to be able to change the tube top for a different gamer related texture and also these nice ,mini ripped denim shorts that are available in different tones. With this outfit being related to gaming I thought it would be a perfect time to put all these games I got from The Arcade Gacha to use and show them off in this post :3 And also once again my lovely boyfriend agreed to feature on my blog for this post so Purple Poses' couples animation was perfect for the occasion! So we had a little gaming fun also~ (note: we aren't sitting on the correct pose balls as the store's ad because I'm too small, & I think he was afraid to squish me >w>)

While waiting for the game to load we'd gotten hungry again, so he ordered a yummy cheese pizza from [Neurolab Inc.] . As most of you roleplayers know, this pizza is consumable and works in real time, meaning its edible and it will disappear from the box if you keep eating it all! Oh and it's also nearly free for only 3 L!

Ahh, I'm so tired from all that gaming and winning over my boyfriend. That I've gotten eye bags! Must...get...sleep.. >.< (oh yeah and just kidding, he usually wins in each game we play! >_> but sometimes he lets me win hehe c: )  Haha, aside from all the silliness you should really check out these awesome eye bags by .random.Matter. also at the thrift store.
Well that's all for now! Bye-bye~ (●ゝ∀・●)

                           Thank-you for reading!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

✦ Clothing ✦
  • Controller ❀ Barely Legal :: Gamebox 4.0 Controller (Mesh) Purple 2 (gacha item)
  • Mesh Hands ❀  Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat -
  • Mesh Feet ❀  Slink :: Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - High
  • Hair ❀ [taketomi] :: Ayame
  • Eyes ❀ [Buzz] :: Ardent Eyes - Amber

✦ Furniture ✦
  • Gaming gun ❃ .:Standby Inc :: - Retro Zone - Bopper (Orange) @TheArcadeGacha
  • Purple BeanBag ❃ [KRC] :: Single Sit Bean Bag Bright Purple  @PandaCareFair
  • Arcade Game Machine ❃ .:Standby Inc. :: - Retro Zone - Arcade Machine RARE @TheArcadeGacha
  • Coffee Table ❃ Soy. :: Coffee table 
  • Game Cartridges ❃ .:Standby Inc. :: - Retro Zone - Cart (Multiple types) @TheArcadeGacha
  • Game Cartridge Stack ❃ .:Standby Inc. :: - Retro Zone - Super Cart Stack @TheArcadeGacha
  • Game Cartridge Lined up ❃ .:Standby Inc. :: - Retro Zone - Cart Line @TheArcadeGacha
  • Old School Game Console ❃ .:Standby Inc. :: - Retro Zone - Standby Entertainment System @TheArcadeGacha
  • Purple Gamestation & Controllers Barely Legal ❃ Gamebox GX4 Purple Skull
  • Television ❃ [Stank] :: Bird Watcher Box ( 99 L )

✦ Animation/Pose ✦
  • Couples Pose ❃ :PurplePoses :: PurplePoseball 152 ( 45 L )

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