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Hi guys!

I hope you enjoy my look today, so rouuuge!~ 

A few days ago I visited the TAG! Gacha event and it was very fun and entertaining! Teleporting around with random people and some friends to check out various store's gacha item with occasional RP text from the event's HUD was quite amusing. It is also how I acquired these awesome horns by *BOOM*'s gacha and cool hairstyle from +SpellBound+'s. Dont forget to check it out before 12 am on the 31st of October when it ends! 
Also, check out my amazing nail/finger accessories! These sharp jewelry are by
[CerebusXing] in The Gacha Mania event for 50 L!

Oh! and stop on by Ricielli before it's a little too late and do their 15 L hunt before the sim closes! If you'd like this dress its number 17 in the hunt . 

Thank-you for viewing!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆
Eyes ❀ .EMBW. :: Dolly eyes Amber 
Lipstick ❀ .tsg. :: Red Lipstain
Tattoo ❀ [CHARMED] :: Guns & Roses UB tattoo ( 100 L )
Eyebrows ❀  .r.M. :: Misery Brows red
Eyeliner ❀ .EMBW. :: Double Under eyeliners Red Wine
 Horns ❀ *BOOM* :: Incubus/Succubus Horns (ruby) @ TAG! Gacha (Starting Point)
 Hair ❀ +Spellbound+ :: Velvet // Natural Ombres Dips *Rare* (Gacha) @ TAG! Gacha (Starting Point)
 Eye Lashes ❀ Candy Mountain :: Falsies .
Choker  [ef]Eskimo Fashion :: Plastic Tatt Choker Necklace - Black RARE (gacha)
 Shoes ❀ REIGN. :: ALEXXIS HEELS- (Past group gift)
 Dress ❀ Ricielli :: Leather Mini Dress /Red (Hunt Item 15L)
 Hands ❀ Slink  :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat - 
 Feet ❀ Slink :: Female Feet (AvEnhance) High
 Finger Claws ❀ [CerebusXing] :: Ring Claws (Red) 50L  @Gacha Mania
 Teeth (Fangs only) ❀  [ni.Ju]  :: Fangs (free)

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