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Hi everyone!

The day I put this outfit together I was going for the classic gamer & otaku girl look! My shape is new and from a close friend of mine's newly opened shape shop called .aegyo.! This shape comes in multiples within the folder for various mesh bodies aswell so that you can easily slip on your mesh body without having to edit the shape too much!

As for my outfit, some of these things were from the manga fair earlier this year, but if you have these things why not pull them back out and flaunt it. My skirt was an exclusive for the showroom by [ef] Eskimo Fashion, but I failed to post this sooner due to some issues (๑′°︿°๑); ごめんなさい。

My hair is quite new by the fabulous hair shop LCKY! So go ahead and stop by these places and check them out >w<! 

Thank-you for viewing!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

εїз Make-up  εїз

Lipstick ❀ VCO :: Popo lip tattoo
Eyeshadow ❀ NOX. :: Animu Shadow [Black]
Blush ❀ PANTSU*HUNTER :: animu blush pink

εїз Body  εїз

 Shape ❀ .aegyo. :: Aya - SL Default Body (chin&tummy slighly edited)
 Eyes ❀ potcha. 
 Skin ❀ .::Mother Goose's ::. :: HoRanG-LB (LB-free)
 Hands ❀ Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 - & Victory

 εїз Outfit εїз

Hair ❀ LCKY :: Helli 
Top ❀ Static :: skelly Top Pink Solid
UnderShirt ❀ *Mousey* :: Shimmery Cropped Tanks - silver
Skort ❀ [ef] Eskimo Fashion :: Denim Mini Skort w/ Polka Dot Rips - Mint (n/a :[ )
Boots ❀ REIGN. :: Not Your Momma's Knit Boots (subscriber gift)
Waist sweater ❀ [ColdAmbitionz] :: Silent Tears Manga Sweater Teal

εїз Accessories εїз

Headphones ❀ .random.Matter. :: Miku Headphones - Teal
Necklace ❀ .tsg. :: Gamer Girl Necklace - Black (gift)
Bellyring ❀ :[P]: ::: Krysis Bellyring-Arian:// Ice
Pocky Treat ❀ HatterTheMad :: Strawberry Pocky Stick <3 ( 5L )
Backpack ❀ Wild Oats :: [LMI]PANDA BEANIE BACKPACK[KID AVI] ( 85 L )
Goggles ❀ {Scene}:: Manga Goggles Gacha - Pink - Ahhh!

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