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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great night! (or morning/afternoon/evening etc. hehe).

Today's post is brought to you by E F and L. That's right! Eskimo Fashion and LCKY! Because without these two fabulous designers I could not have achieved my night in Tokyo look~ I must admit I was excited for this outfit.

So, at the moment I'm wearing this very cool, mesh baggy tank-top by [ef] Eskimo Fashion available to you all at the Swag Fest Event which ends on the 20th, so in a few more days, so scurry on down there! Theres many to colors and designs to choose from so have fun :3  It's quite large so you can choose to wear tights (that are also available in Eskimo fashion's stall) or your own shorts for that no pants illusion like I have done. The shorts I'm wearing are great for this outfit and cheap! I mean free!~ by *~Ri!~*  & To go along with my look I'm also wearing these rocking black earrings and large aviator shades. The glasses come with a resizer so you can make them smaller but I decided to go big or go home heh! I obviously went big~ ( lolol) These are also at Swag Fest Under Eskimo Fashion!

Now onto the other exciting aspect of this outfit, the hair! This lovely hair can be worn in any type of outfit basically. From elegant and ballroom attire, to rock star, hipster and even harajuku. You just have to know how to wear it :3 Which isnt a problem for you fashionistas~  Ofcourse you can find this hairstyle at LCKY! Oh? You saw that coming? Well thats because LCKY's hairstyles are undeniably unique and eye stopping so run down there and try them out foe yourself!


Thank-you for viewing!~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆
  • Hair   LCKY ::  Lucy
  • UnderShirt alaskametro<3 :: “Vernal” top in blue/green ( 10 L )
  • Shorts *~Ri!~* :: Frayed Denim Shorts (purple) ( 0 L )
  • Lipstick [PF] ::  INK LipGloss (Teeth) ( 75 L )
  • Necklace  alaskametro<3   :: “Cyber” necklace (violet/lime) -edited- ( 10 L )
  • Mesh Hands ❀ Slink :: Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat -
  • Choker {KS} :: Studded Leather Choker - Purple (old gacha)

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